State of Liberty Patriotic Flag Logo For Sale

Bold and dynamic rendition of the Statue of Liberty. Clean lines are used to create this visually impactful, bold and patriotic Statue of Liberty logo design with her hair designed to create the impression of the united states of america flag. (face, USA, new, york, states, america, sculpture, stamp, statue, history, freedom, design, woman, patriotic, election, patriotism, silhouette, american, national, July, immigration, red, landmark, star, liberty, united, pride, democracy, badge, independence, fourth, nyc, monument, ny, glory, memorial, legal firm, bold, person, figure, dynamic, tower, Brooklyn, travel, freedom, illustration, metropolis, artwork, architecture, empire, state, liberty, york, building, dark, modern, manhattan, independence, monument, strong, Liberte, gold, royal, golden, goddess, crown, elegant, stylized, sophisticated, modern, luxury, luxurious, classy)

Created: 07/29/2016