Inner Being Butterfly Woman Beauty Logo For Sale

Unique beautiful butterfly woman logo design that incorporates two stylized female figures, which are combined together to form the impression of an open winged butterfly. The Stylized female figures stands tall and confidant with abstract colourful shapes emerging from their open winged arms. The design represents transformation, metamorphosis and inner beauty. (woman, abstract, beauty, silhouette, outline, face, makeup, glamour, hair, fashion, spa, salon, water, avatar, beautiful, elegance, elegant, female, floral, flower, girl, watercolour, watercolored, hairstyle, pink, fresh, style, stylish, girl, youth, youthful, lounge, lounge, aura, sexy, foundation, inner-self, aura, modern, sophisticated, clean, colourful, bright, vivid, painting, goddess, slim, model, divine, empowered, empowering, lux, luxury, holistic, sleek, transform, butterfly, wings, outreach, fly, flying, angel, winged, fairy, fairies, fairy tail, mythical, bird, flight, soar, soaring, kaleidoscope)

Created: 07/21/2017