Ikigai Holistic Business Logo Design For Sale

Japanese ikigai logo symbol design concept meaning “a reason for being”. The design is created with four overlapping circles that create different segments. (design, china, Chinese, stylized, abstract, aura, art, universe, energy, god, meditation, enlightenment, sanskrit, zen, predict, artistic, symbolic, power, vision, healthy, green, mandala, shape, lotus, alternative, medicine, element, spiritual, creation, yoga, spirit, pattern, symbol, awareness, relaxation, icon, mystical, wellness, holistic, flower, ornament, chakra, life, graphic, healing, sahasrara, esoteric, mind, health, being, wellbeing, self, Okinawa, mental, Behaviours, realization, hope, self-realization, wellness coach, culture, cultural, circle, circular, leaf, leaves, ikigai, empower, empowering)

Created: 10/26/2015