Hula Tropical Pineapple Fruit Beauty Juice Queen Logo For Sale

Tropical, colorful and unique pineapple fruit hula woman logo design. The design features a unique combination of a beautiful woman’s face thats designed to look like a tropical vibrant pineapple fruit. The yellow golden pineapple skin is designed to look like the woman’s hair with her head creating the pineapple shape. The beautiful woman’s head is adorn with the green pineapple leaves that create a tropical headdress or crown. A single pink tropical hibiscus flower adds a beautiful floral and tropical look to this distinctive Hawaiian style juice logo. (bright, colourful, cute, exotic, food, fresh, fruit, fruits, happy, healthy, hearts, natural, nature, organic, pineapples, pineapple, punchy, summer, sweet, tropical, woman, lady, sexy, beautiful, juice, beauty, face, female, girl, hairstyle, character, model, queen, attractive, style, trendy, fruity, juicing, organic, natural, vitamins, makeup, hala, Hawaii, hilo, love, beverage, juice bar, flower, hibiscus, hula dancer, aloha, jungle, smoothy, smoothie, drink)

Created: 07/23/2018