Home Plan Construction Logo For Sale

Unique home development and construction logo design that features a rolled out blue print paper roll with a drafted print of a home emerging from the blue print. The window is lite up to represent the concept from initial design to final completion of a new home construction. (blueprint, frame, floor, business, plan, line, symbol, lineart drawing, illustration, design, architecture, schematic, paper, home, house, architect, construction, apartment, urban, building, modern, flat, mockup, project, city, sketch, structure, room, layout, engineer, structure, industry, window, door, dwelling, engineering, drafting, roll, cad, blueprint, diagram, tools, handyman, reno, renovation, basement, outdoor, remodel, carpenter, real estate, extension, property, development, dream home, roof, roofing, lot, timber, material, builder, professional, interior, installation)

Created: 04/26/2016