Legal Firm Company Logo for Sale

Stylized roman column thats combined with the level scales of justice on either side of the column. A top the column is an elegant royal crown imparting the idea of prestige and nobility. (scale, legal,libra, compare, judgment, symbol, measurement, analysis, court, guilt, case, design, judge, style, decision, decide, trial, law, weight, innocence, courthouse, liberty, value, balance, justice, fair, deliberate, object, equality, crime, equal, antique, scales of justice, measure, pillar, column, greek, roman, greece, rome, building, old, classic, ancient, historical,culture, architectural, history, architecture, pedestal, construction, museum, crown, cold, royal, majestic, regal, royalty, king, queen, crown, prince, empire, emperor, authority, heraldry, knight, kingdom, monarchy, wealth, shiny, superior)

Created: 09/29/2015