Modern Natural Dairy Farm Cow Logo For Sale

Clean and contemporary logo design of a cow’s face created with clean bold lines that form the impression of this modern and stylized cow face. An array of leaf shapes create a Laurel wreath with the cows eating the middle section of the Laurel wreath. The leafy elements in the design represent organic, healthy and natural dairy farming. (butcher, cow, farm, animal, meat, shop, pork, cut, food, design, element, beef, market, stamp, menu, fresh, product, chop, seal, insignia, raw, illustration, vintage, butcher shop, monochrome, butchery, restaurant, crest, leaf, leaves, vine, moo, wheat, calf, organic, milk, dairy, heifer, lines, cattle, calves, farmer, bull, steer, livestock, country, countryside, agriculture, grass, grazing, farmyard, nature, horns, Laurel wreath, bold, modern, clean, lines)

Created: 03/07/2017