Good Vegetables Health Food Logo For Sale

Typographic style logo design with various root vegetables that are designed to look like the letters of the word “GOOD”. Simple natural and organic leafy elements are added to the top of each veggie/word to add a natural green touch to this healthy theme logo design. Please note: the name can be changed to suit your needs. (garden, root, growing, food, crop, plants, carrot, onion, font, radish, cooking, fun, green, agriculture, leaf, veggies, vegetables, garlic, healthy, colors, group, nature, simplicity, beet, rustic, raw, organic, ripe, grow, eco, horizontal, farm, gardening, garden, plant, carrot, root, ingredient, watering, veggie, fresh, nutrition, cooking, land, ground, harvest, food, potato, parsnip, restaurant, chef, catering, cater, vitamins, health store, typography, font, typographic, word mark, country, countryside, eat, diet, nutrition, nutritionist, vegan, vegetarian)

Created: 03/15/2016