Happy Healthy Veggies Logo For Sale

Fun, vibrant and happy vegetable logo design featuring different healthy vegetable characters with happy smiling faces. The various vegetable varieties are arranged to create a bursting joyous effect that frames the outer portion of the name. (caricature, carrot, cartoon, character, face, faces, food, fresh, fun, funny, garden, garlic, green, greens, greenness, happiness, happy, health, healthy, marketplace, leaf, leafy, natural, nature, onion, tomato, reddish, spinach, collard green, joy, excited, glee, perky, farmers, farm, farmers market, nutrition, nutritionist, vitamins, crop, growing, food, eat, restaurant, catering, cater, ripe, vegetarian, ingredient, ingredients, salad, grocery, groceries, colorful, modern, bold, hip)

Created: 05/31/2017