Artistic Gelato Creamer Ice Cream Logo For Sale

Unique, colourful and artistic ice cream logo. The scoops of ice cream on top of the ice cream cone are created with unique abstract shapes that create the impression of the ice cream. Little colourful dots create a bursting polka dot pattern representing excitement and sprinkles. The cone of the ice cream is created with stylish pattern to represent a waffle cone. (cream, ice, ice cream, abstract, art, artistic, bakery, baking, bright, colorful, cold, creamery, decorated, delicious, dessert, flavor, flavour food, eat, frosting, frozen, ice cream cone, cone, snack, sugar, sugary, sweet, tasty, waffle,  gelato, parlour, parlor, creative, unique, sprinkles, bursting, artistry, restaurant, modern, bold)

Created: 06/01/2017