Beautiful Woman Goddess Holistic Meditating Woman Floral Crest Logo For Sale

Beautiful mystical goddess woman, with closed eyes in a meditation pose surrounded by growing vines and flowers and a floral crown headdress. Creating her own sense of peace and calm in the universe space that surrounds her. Beautiful logo for a wide range of businesses such as holistic practice, beauty, makeup, beauty products, cosmetics, yoga studio and so much more.  (holistic, meditation, yoga, universe, astronomy, beautiful, beauty boho, princess, crown, cosmic, floral, flowers, wreath, fantasy, female, flora, flowers, galaxy, Egyptian, god, spiritual, tranquility, elegant, sophisticated, peaceful, magical, magic, universe, stars, astrology, yoga, earth, female, feminine, tranquil, calm,  natural, nature, garden, beauty, vines, sap, salon, stylist, holistic, woman, girl, lady)

Created: 01/27/2021