Flourish Natural Beauty Tree & Branches Beauty Spa Logo For Sale

Natural, flowing and stylized beautiful woman logo design. The design features a flowing, flourishing woman figure with her arms and body flowing with movement and style. The lady’s body is designed with tree branches, leaves, flowers and buds to create a natural, organic and free-flowing design. The design represents natural, holistic beauty. (tree, woman, girl, lady, female, tree of life, flowers, floral, garden, branches, transformation, transform, pretty, yoga, spiritual, holistic, sprit, nature, beauty, cosmetics, wellness, body, wellbeing, massage, leaf, slim, health, pilates, free, activity, beautiful, cosmetology, dieting, fresh, vegan, organic, relax, silhouette, spa, plant, balance, young, youth, transformation, mother nature, dress, fashion, carefree, flourish, elegant, luxury, sophistication, sophisticated, contemporary, hair, salon, botanical, growth)

Created: 07/23/2018