Florets Fresh Delivery Broccoli Tree Logo For Sale

Fun, fresh and cute tree-style logo design of an abstract broccoli plant resembling a tree. The head of the broccoli is created with simple overlapping leaf shapes to create the broccoli head/tree canopy. Little hearts are placed around to represent love, heart-healthy and goodness. This logo is perfect for a food market, food delivery service, fresh food, fresh meal preparation, food truck, restaurant, and so much more (health, healthy, tree, broccoli, floret, broccoli crown, love, heart, hearts, blossom, leaf, eat, food, fresh, green, diet, nutrition, vegan, vegetables, veggie, brocoli, agriculture, farm, garden, freshness, cooking, nutritionist, natural, plant, harvest, harvesting, simple, fun, cute, modern, minimal, crop)

Created: 04/15/2020