Beautiful Natural Woman Logo Design Sold

Beautiful women beauty designed within a natural setting. Her hair and face are represented by growing branches/vines. Soft, elegant and natural with leaves growing around her. (mother, motherhood, another nature, tree, concept, growth, plant, foliage, grow, floral, spring, organic, leaf, botanical, environmental, ecology, feminine, season, flora, decorative, shrub, accent, forest, renew, woman, sustainable, fragile, renewable, nature, roots, environment, treetrunk, ecological, mother-nature, hair, style, model, salon, face, portrait, girl, makeup, glamor, Caucasian, female, fashion, posing, woman, sensuality, beautiful, brunette, pretty, hairstyle, long hair, sexy, face, eyes, peaceful, treatment, leaves, skincare, natural, airy)

Created: 10/25/2013