Flamingo Bird Dental Practice Logo For Sale

Whimsical, bold and striking flamingo bird with flowing streaming feathers that create a unique bold look. The flamingo’s feathers are adorn with dental molar teeth creating the feathers on the bird. A dental tooth crown is added to the flamingo’s head to add style and elegance to this flamingo dental logo. (flamingo, feather, bird, design, art, pattern, profile, stylized, decoration, ornament, tail, curve, abstract, elegant, ornamental, texture, colorful, beauty, wings, flourish, beautiful, pretty, wildlife, plume, peahen, feminine, sophisticated, modern, elegant, classy, birdie, dental, tooth, oral, smile, dentist, implant, medical, business, clinic, whitening, clean, treatment, shape, medicine, abstract, creative, protection, healthy, care, mouth, dentistry, hygiene, health, gradient, doctor, Miami)

Created: 12/04/2017