Falcon Dental Logo For Sale

The wings of a phenix bird spread open and create the impression of a dental molar tooth within the white space of the bird’s wings. The unique combination of the hawk/eagle bird and the dental molar tooth creates a bold and distinct look. (dental, dentist, tooth, medical, dent, oral, graphic, clean, medicine, smile, family, healthy, care, design, mouth, dentistry, toothpaste, hygiene, health, conceptual, doctor, orthodontist, orthodontics, elegant, classy, sophisticated, luxury, upscale, leaves, leaf, modern, molar, animal, bird, eagle, Bald Eagle, hawk, phoenix, phoenix bird, regal, wings, feathers, spiritual, soaring, elegance, fly, emblem, regal, insignia, hieroglyphics, flight, mythical, goddess, creative, bold, heart, love, falcon)

Created: 02/08/2017