Falcon Automotive Company Logo For Sale

Automotive logo design of a sports car designed to create the impression and outline of a falcon or eagle’s face. The beak of the falcon or hawk forms the front of the sports car, with the falcon’s head flowing to create the top of the sports car. (falcon, hawk, head, bird, bald eagle, eye, mascot, american eagle, flying, usa, animal, outline, power, eagle, line, lines, freedom, contour, portrait, beak, design, predator, sports, wild, nature, wildlife, car, sport, race, sideview, rental, shape, motor, speed, classic, mechanic, automotive, delivery, parking, black, vehicle, automobile, wheel, modern, transport, garage, coupe, transportation, roadster, silhouette, repair, auto, convertible, porch, race car, hot wheel, flames, fast, speedy, masculine, bold, cars, car)

Created: 09/14/2015