Wedding Bridal Logo For Sale

Sophisticated and beautiful bridal logo design featuring a elegant bride side profile. The woman is wearing a natural gown that flows and transforms into natural leaves that form a crest design at the bottom. The lady is gently holding a bouquet of mixed flowers and her hair with natural leafy elements. (bridal, floral, veil, dress, soft, white, fabric, long, clothing, gorgeous, decoration, green, flowers, tender, silk, organza, corset, glamour, luxury, summer, accessories, bloom, female, fashion, fluffy, elegant, cute, modern, illustration, pink, seasons, skirt, engagement, invitation, wedding, vintage, style, wear, sexy, fashion, gown, lovely, elegant, spring, roses, rose, vines, bloom, blossom, plants, bridesmaid, maid of honor, lady, romance, woman, girly, stylish, runway, model, glamor, bride, bouquet, natural, leaves)

Created: 10/13/2015