Elements Wellness Logo for Sale

Unique and distinctive logo design featuring a beautiful female royal figure designed to represent a tree. Her lower body creates the impression of the tree trunk with her upper body creating the tree branches. The canopy of the tree is designed within a square shape with four leaf sections created around the woman’s figure, representing the four seasons or four earth elements. (spa, health, eco, relax, skincare, wings, organic, wellness, aesthetic,spiritual, fashion, medicine, illustration, figure, yoga, therapy, chiropractic, healthy, care, woman, beauty, salon, meditate, massage, beautiful, fresh, silhouette, nature, cosmetics, butterfly, leaf, leaves, crown, royal, seasons, elements, nature, tree, fall, winter, spring, summer, royalty, queen, princess, goddess, Devine, uplift, reach, holistic, wellbeing, empower, empowering)

Created: 09/03/2015