Natural Floral Branch Dental Toothbrush Dentistry Logo For Sale

Elegant, classy and sophisticated dental dentistry logo design featuring a beautiful natural branch with leaves and blossoming flowers and buds. The Branch is designed to look like a beautiful stylized toothbrush that blends naturally into the tree branch and the blooming flowers. (tree, dental, dentist, tooth, medical, dent, spring, leaf, oral, graphic, clean, medicine, love, smile, family, healthy, care, garden, design, mouth, dentistry, toothpaste, hygiene, toothbrush, health, conceptual, doctor, orthodontist, orthodontics, natural, grow, growing, beautiful, elegant, classy, sophisticated, luxury, upscale, leaves, leaf, vine, plant, modern, oasis, rustic, nature, natural, molar, branch, tree branch, blossom, bud, flower)

Created: 10/09/2018