Dragon Fly Spiritual Holistic Person Figure Mandala Logo For Sale

Beautiful spiritual and holistic dragonfly figure logo designed in a mandala style design. The dragonfly is designed to look like a person’s figure with their arms reaching upward. The dragonfly wings are beautifully incorporated into the outer mandala design creating a clean circular mandala crest design. Soft pastel shades of pink, purple and teal create a natural and spiritual look. (dragonfly, wings, beauty, butterfly, feminine, balance, leaf, natural, nature, wing, person, figure, creative, unique, distinctive, insect, luxury, lux, elegant, holistic, sophisticated, symmetrical, modern, flight, reach, mandala, yoga, spirit, spiritual, bohemian, boho, gradient, motif, mystical, goddess, ornate, oriental, circle, flower, henna, meditate, meditation, ethnic, pattern, design)

Created: 08/16/2019