Divinity Wellness Godess Holistic Mandala Logo For Sale

Divine, Spiritual and holistic style mandala logo design featuring four spiritual goddess divine women figures arranged within the mandala design. The goddess arms are reaching outward to form the impression of the mandala petals and leaves. Leaf elements are beautifully incorporated into the mandala with chakra balance points positioned within the centre of the figures in varying shades, which represent the energy points within the subtle body not the physical body. The design represents spirituality, healing and divine wellness. (mandala, flower, indian, floral, moroccan, ornament, meditation, mystic, arabic, yoga, abstraction, arab, bohemian, boho, ,ethnic, medallion, motif, crest, emblem, oriental, ornate, relaxation, relax, holistic, woman, figures, beauty, female, four, petals, petal, centre, medical,  acupuncture, hospital, specialist, doctor, body, figure, slim, pose, spiritual, lady, pose, contouring, healthy, sensuality, beautiful, chakra, energy, healing, medicine, meditation, position, religious, spirit, divinity, divine, outreach, goddess, god, spa, salon, wellness, lotus, medical, healing, spirituality, religion, religious, believe, detailed, vibrant)

Created: 08/02/2018