Corriedale Sheep Farm Animal Logo For Sale

Unique vintage style sheep logo design. The design features the head portion of a sheep or lamb with the sheep’s wool whimsically rendered with swirling designs that frame around the bottom of the sheep’s head. On the top of the sheep’s head are natural leafy elements that create a unique natural headpiece, which creates a organic and natural sheep logo. (sheep, lamb, animals, animal, farm, style, meat, mutton, pets, mammal, white, fur, old-fashioned, cattle, skin, antique, wild, etching, drawn, hand, wool, mammal, livestock, standing, stroke, knitting, knit, cotton, organic, natural, coat, proud, cute, feminine, vintage, lamb, hand made, craftsmanship, sweater, boutique, country side, meadow, farming, market, store, clothing, apparel, leaf, leaves, swirl, ornate, detailed, illustration, green, pretty, head, face, whimsical, modern, crest, circular)

Created: 07/28/2017