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Classy and elegant abstract representation of a shinning gem/diamond. Looping intricate lines create a unique diamond pattern. (mandala, decoration, batik, floral, drawing, fabric, round, decorative, frame, indian, abstraction, vintage, ornate, tattoo, flower, circle, graphic, decor, henna, ethnic, abstract, kaleidoscope, pattern, asian, textile, lines, gold, golden, ornament, ornamental, stylized, decoration, classical, tile, oriental, loop, flower, simple, round, morocco, royal, motif, jewel, jewellery, diamond, gemstone, metal, high-fashion, feminine, modern, elegant, luxury, sophisticated, trendy, fashion, button, heart, hearts, sewing, stitch, seamstress, cross, religion, church, rhinestone, jewelry, jewel, blue, aqua, jewellery, sparkle, weave)

Created: 02/25/2016