Cookies & Cream cow Logo For Sale

Unique, fresh and modern logo design that plays on the classic concept of milk and cookies. The logo design features a cow, with the body of the cow designed to look like a chocolate chip cookie. The cow imagery represents the milk/cream concept with the cookie repenting the baked goods idea. (milk, cartoon, chip, drink, biscuit, food, dessert, white, sweet, cookie, milk and cookies, chocolate, funny, vintage, breakfast, snack, cafe, natural, delicious, character, liquid, beverage, organic, morning, drawing, eat, funny, tasty, healthy, dairy, design, cookies, nutrition, cooking, health, eating, product, cream, bakery, bite, meal, black, illustration, eat, biscuit, bake, cook, delicious, sweet, unhealthy, sugar, crumb, restaurant, coffee shop, quality, homemade, menu, spotted, moo, cattle, calf, beef, agriculture, mammal, farm, livestock, bull, domestic, animal)

Created: 04/25/2016