Confetti Flying Pig Business Logo For Sale

A cute happy, little whimsical flying pig with wings. The flying pig is designed with a colorful polka dot confetti pattern on the pig’s body to add a unique touch to this logo design. A single yellow rose/flower is placed around the pig’s neck to represent a collar. (pig, fly, wings, character, love, cute, smile, fantasy, illustration, heart, art, cartoon, animal, pigs, winged, polka dot, fun, tail hook, circle, angelic, pink, flying pig, piglets, piggy, joy, sky, flight, happy, boutique, vintage, pattern, rose, flower, party planner, kids, clothing, youth, young, infant, baby, shop, confetti, feminine, whimsical, modern, unique, fashion, character, mascot, pastel, mythical, imagination, child-like, floral, angel)

Created: 03/23/2016