Organic Vintage Rustic Floral Coffee Cup Logo For Sale

Sophisticated coffee or tea cup created with delicate details. A Beautiful floral wreath frames this beautiful coffee/tea cup. Customize with your company monogram that is placed in the centre of the wreath greenery. (tea, cafe, cup, cafeteria, classic, floral, aroma, drink, elements, graphic, freshly, morning, illustration, decorative, english, brewed, artistic, vintage, style, fresh, seamless, beverage, java, coffee, flower, bouquet, mug, earl grey, brewing, tea leaves, leaves, leaf, ornate, green tea, tasty, natural, organic, drink, chintz, garden, plantation, grow, grown, fancy, sophisticated, elegant, delicate, girly, saucer, restaurant, drinking, herbal, remedy, barista, wreath, monogram, organic, delicate, greenery)

Created: 01/20/2020