Bright Colourful abstract floral dairy farm logo for sale

Bold, vibrate and colourful farm logo design. The Design features a bold abstract florals and leaves pattern an impress of a dairy cow is overplayed on top of the bold floral print. A beautiful bright colour pallet further enhances the organic and natural farm theme. (cow, beef, meat, butcher, shop, pattern, market, farm, supermarket, drawing, premium, illustration, quality, bull, silhouette, food, natural, organic, restaurant, farming, modern, cattle, steak, store, menu, fresh, animal, product, butchery, leaf, leaves, moo, calf, milk, dairy, heifer, cattle, calves, farmer, bull, steer, livestock, country, countryside, agriculture, grass, grazing, farmyard, nature, artsy, whimsical, floral, biodynamic)

Created: 06/11/2019