Cannabis Garden CBD Natural Health Logo For Sale Logo

Natural lush garden with a female cannabis flower growing along with other natural holistic plants and flowers. Modern pastel colors and arch shape background create a modern and stylish look. Perfect logo for a natural remedies shop or brand, cannabis-infused products, holistic heal, healing and so much more! (Leaf, marijuana, addiction, agriculture, alternative medicine, bud, cannabis, culture, doctor, drug, leaf, leaves, ganja, health, healthcare, legalize, medical, medicine, narcotic, natural, nature, plant, pot, recreational, Sativa, smoke, weed, relief, wellbeing, treatment, holistic, natural care, therapy, uplifting, healing, green, modern, elegant, beauty, bloom, flowers, blossom, botanical, floral, oasis, garden, botanical, grow, pastel)

Created: 06/15/2021