Floral Decorative Skull And Butterfly Logo For Sale

Unique decorative floral skull and butterfly logo. This logo design is hand-drawn to create a rustic sketch style. The skull is created with flowers and leaves, a monarch butterfly replaces the left eye of the skull. The right eye of the skull’s face depicts space and the galaxy. (skull, Halloween, black, gothic, illustration, skeleton, branch, tree, death, nature, face, human, anatomic, anatomy, bone, universe, galaxy, space, outer space, circle, crest, leaf, leaves, mystical, unique, distinctive, monarch, butterfly, holistic, leaves, nature, natural, drawing, rustic, floral, blooms, blooming, Calavera, day of the dead, Spanish, Mexican, traditions, sugar skull, hand made skull, rebirth, spiritual, life, skeleton)
Created: 06/12/2020