Beautiful Spiritual Buddha Logo For Sale

Bold, vibrant and unique rendition of a buddha’s face. The face of the buddha statue is uniquely designed with intricate patterns, shapes and elements to create this beautiful and spiritual religious and iconic buddha image. (buddha, face, chakra, symbol, symbolic, decoration, decorative, nirvana, oriental, mandala, statue, relaxed, spiritual, element, traditional, illustration, design, body, art, tattoo, artistic, background, japanese, japan, china, human, stylize, chinese, flower, culture, head, graphic, buddhist, lotus, buddhism, abstract, portrait, icon, zen, religion, peaceful, pattern, meditation, calligraphy, asian, pattern, india, henna, ornament, arabic, moroccan, motif, flower, asian, round, hinduism, floral, lace, mehendi, petal, culture, symmetric, decor, swirl, ornate, symmetry, textile, holistic, celtic, healing, ethnic, elegance, yoga, meditate, healer, life coach, life coaching, coaching, spa, retreat, travel, beauty, beautiful, oasis, tropical, Hawaii, balance, unity, soul, soulful, acupuncture, ancient, rustic, remedy, herbal, alternative medicine, botanical, garden, grow, restaurant, asian, Asia, empower, empowering, moon, crown, god, goddess, royal, empire, emperor, female, woman, lips, makeup, jewels, jewellery, headdress, colorful)

Created: 10/19/2015