Belmont Handyman Renovations and Construction Logo For Sale

Renovations construction building logo design featuring a simple mountain peak design that creates the impression of two house peak roofs. Within the mountain rooftop are construction tools, a hammer and a ruler with a window element placed in the center of the mountain design. (blueprint, frame, floor, business, plan, line, symbol, design, architecture, schematic, home, house, architect, construction, apartment, urban, building, modern, flat, mockup, project, city, sketch, structure, room, layout, engineer, structure, industry, window, door, dwelling, engineering, drafting, roll, cad, blueprint, diagram, tools, handyman, reno, renovation, basement, outdoor, remodel, carpenter, real estate, extension, property, development, dream home, roof, roofing, lot, timber, material, builder, professional, interior, installation, ruler, letter M, hammers, hammer, nail, bold, masculine, strong, manly, bold, ruler, mountain, peak, summit, roof, rooftop)

Created: 12/21/2017