Holistic Spiritual Hands and leaves Logo For Sale LogoMood.com

Elegant, holistic, and spiritual theme logo design featuring beautiful stylized hands with growing leaves and vines twisting and growing around the hands. A crescent moon and stars are added to further enhance this beautiful spiritual logo design. (abstract, the universe, energy, god, meditation, enlightenment, sanskrit, zen, symbolic, power, healthy,medicine, element, spiritual, creation, yoga, spirit, symbol, awareness, relaxation, wellness, holistic, chakra, life, healing, sahasrara, esoteric, health, being, wellbeing, self, Okinawa, Behaviours, realization, hope, self-realization, wellness coach, culture, cultural, circle, circular, leaf, leaves, ikigai, tree, uplift, uplifting, religious, religion, belief, circles, connection, connected, coach, empower, empowering, tree, roots, eye, sight, see, view, inside, whimsical, garden, grow, seeing, foresight, insightful, inner self, minset, hands, massage)

Created: 01/26/2022