Celestial Sun Goddess Woman Company Logo

Hand drawn detailed vintage styled design of a elegant sun with a beautiful face in the middle. The rays of the sun are created with various flowing natural leaf elements that create a natural style hallow around the sun’s face. The style of the logo is created to represent the impression of a wood etched carving. Two subtle pink cheek hearts are added to the face to create a unique touch to this beautiful, elegant and sophisticated logo. (face, sun, vintage, ancient, woodcarving, art, beauty, beautiful, astrology, astronomy, celestial, circle, cosmos, sunshine, sun rays, crescent, midnight, illustration, hand drawn, light, soft, pastel, spiritual, sky, solar, planet, nature, universe, mythical, folklore, line, line drawn, etched, detailed, leaf, leaves, garden, grown, heart, eyes, spa, salon, pattern, ornament, decorative, mandala, ornamental, lace, feminine, holistic, horoscope, moon, night, sun goddess, sophisticated, classy, elegant, luxury, lux, stylish, modern, woman, female, lady)

Created: 04/21/2017