Beautiful, spiritual intricate mandala lotus flower logo design that beautifully incorporates four elegant buddha heads to create the petal formations of the mandala design. The mandala design also incorporates four stylized spiritual mediating figures with auras of light beaming from the figures to complete the mandala petals. A monogram crest is designed within the center of the mandala and can be changed to match your business name. The design represents spiritual healing, self reflection and natural holistic meditation. (mandala, Indian, flower, element, floral, round, circular, arabic, mystic, yoga, bohemian, circle, ethnic, motif, oriental, ornament, relax, religion, style, tribal, holistic, natural, spiritual, healing, pray, god, religious, chakra, meditation, meditate, abstract, stylized, beautiful, sap, beauty, salon, colourful, drawing, illustration, henna, fitness, eye, eyes, sight, see, spirituality, culture, cultural, buddhism, peaceful, temple, artistic, silhouette, nature, leaves, leaf, statue, elegant, sophisticated, classy, lux, magenta, pink, aura, face, person, figure, pose)

Created: 09/24/2018