Arusha Coffee Logo For Sale

Rustic, natural and organic coffee themed logo design. The design represents the natural coffee production grown in Arusha, Tanzania near Mt. Meru. A simple angular element is used to represent the mountain with an african tree growing atop a hill, with two coffee beans incorporated into the design. The design of the logo is natural and rustic to capture the organic nature and harvest of the coffee beans. (tanzania, arusha, kilimanjaro, meru, mt, mount, hiking, activity, summit, travel, recreational, climbing, camp, Africa, vacations, mountain, outdoors, exploration, peak, african, rubber stamped, cafe, bartsia, coffee, traditional, texture, food, bean, modern, tradition, stylish, tree, plant, store, mocha, agriculture, caffeine, brown, beverage, aroma, drink, leaf, fragrant, gourmet, roasted, cup of coffee, coffee shop, refreshing, espresso, taste, selective, brewed, coffee beans, cappuccino, vintage, menu, fresh, nature, arabic, rustic, restaurant)

Created: 06/28/2016