African Tribal Coffee Cafe Logo For Sale

Modern, bold Tribal themed coffee logo design featuring a unique and bold indian tribal mask. A abstract coffee cup is incorporated into the bottom portion of the mask with coffee beans and leaves framing the logo design. The style of the logo is unique and modern with a distinctive tribal look that will add uniqueness to your coffee shop, coffee brand or restaurant. (mask, tribal, african, face, africa, ethnic, design, voodoo, art, totem, souvenir, aborigine, craft, brown, culture, symbol, head, elements, amulets, ritual, traditional, afro, colored, emblem, illustration, wood, decorative, ceremonial, avatar, religion, tribe, style, bushmen, mythology, indigenous, idol, decorative, pattern, bold, cup, art, cafe, coffee, drink, deco, festive, ethnic, abstract, tea, mug, espresso, indian, design, aztec, vintage, style, nature, coffee bean, cafe, bistro, luncheonette, restaurant, beverage, cappuccino, seed, drink, brown, mocha, agriculture, caffeine, aroma, aromatic, roasted,food, espresso, fresh, arabic, warrior, face paint)

Created: 11/03/2016