Agave Extract Natural Plant Business Logo For Sale

Beautiful, elegant and stylish agave plant. The agave plant leaves are arranged to create a natural fanning look with a single drop of agave extract positioned in the center of the natural plant design. (plant, houseplant, succulent, agave, green, herbal, flower, medicine, abstract, nature, exotic, agave, medicinal, holistic, natural, fleshy, mexican, herbal, sharp, leaf, thorn, aloe, stem, cactus, herb, herbal, extract, liquid, drop, water, beauty, tree, decoration, bonsai, floral, flower, leaf, botanical, decor, garden, florist, growth, beauty, wedding, nature, hand, botany, lotus, blossom, blossoming, leakiest, thorn, tequila, ecology, bush, elegant, sophisticated, health, healthy)

Created: 10/16/2015