Advaita Holistic Wellness Meditation Chakra Tree Logo For Sale

Elegant and modern holistic wellness theme logo design featuring an abstract modern line art design that combines a willow tree, connecting figures, and holistic chakra concept. The overlapping circles connect two figures together with a tree, branches, and leaves incorporated to create this cohesive and univied wellness holistic theme logo design. (abstract, universe, energy, god, meditation, enlightenment, sanskrit, zen, symbolic, power, healthy,medicine, element, spiritual, creation, yoga, spirit, symbol, awareness, relaxation, wellness, holistic, chakra, life, healing, sahasrara, esoteric, health, being, wellbeing, self, Okinawa, Behaviours, realization, hope, self-realization, wellness coach, culture, cultural, circle, circular, leaf, leaves, ikigai, tree, uplift, uplifting, religious, religion, belief, circles, connection, connected, coach, empower, empowering, tree, roots, eye, sight, see, view, inside, whimsical, garden, grow, seeing, foresight, insightful, inner self, willow tree)

Created: 01/18/2022