Corriedale Sheep Farm

Unique vintage style sheep logo design. The design features the head portion of a sheep or lamb with the sheep’s wool whimsically rendered with swirling designs that frame around the …


The Little Blue Sheep

Unique circle crest style sheep logo design. The body of the sheep is designed in a circle shape with the sheep’s head placed in the center of the circle along …

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Woolen Fleece Boutique

Unique, whimsical and cute little sheep logo design. This sweet friendly sheep is designed to look like a forest of lush trees. The legs of the sheep are created to …


Knitted Sheep

Unique vintage style sheep logo design. The Sheep image is designed in a clean etching art style with clean lines. The bold and dominant sheep is standing proud on a …


Knit Stitch Girl

Cute little girl with her hair style designed to look like spun yarn & wool, with two sewing needles placed in the girl’s hair. (girl, girly, knit, knitting, yarn, wool, …

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Wool Owl Bird

Rustic and modern design of an owl designed in a sketch line drawn style. The owl is perched on a birch branch. (owl, bird, birdie, sketch, abstract, stylized, wise owl, …