Clearwater Dental

Bold dental themed tooth logo design. An opening into the forest creates a molar tooth shape that reveals a beautiful, peaceful water and hillside landscape scene. (tooth, molar, dental, graphic, …

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Bold and modern logo design featuring a stylized octopus tentacle. The swirling design of the tentacle creates a wave-like design, while also representing a weather storm designed to look like …


Bedrock Dental

Bold dental themed tooth logo design. The design features a beautiful natural scenic mountain and tree landscape, designed within a molar tooth shape. (tooth, molar, dental, graphic, medical, toothache, toothbrush, …


Earth Project Conference

Whimsical and modern eco-friendly theme landscape with the sky, sun, mountain, land and water represented in an abstract and stylized form. Each earth element is naturally combined together to create …


Natural Elements

Natural and modern hand logo design with the hand created with the earth’s elements wind, water, earth, sun and fire. The earth elements are beautifully incorporated into the hand design …

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Seasons Gardens

Four leaves colored to represent the 4 seasons. The connecting steams of the leaves create a snowflake impression in the centre. (seasonal, season, autumn, cold, green, spring, leaf, summer, snowflake, …


Estate Cloud Homes

Clean and modern logo design that features houses in the cloud. This logo represents the “cloud” concept mixed with real estate to create a unique and modern design. (clouds, sky, …


Blue Cloud

A modern cloud concept that is constructed of circles in various blue shades. (cloud, sky, blue, fluffy, weather, forecast, nature, cloudy) Created: 03/21/2012


Cloud Box Storage

A modern design of a 3D cloud/box concept. Simple cloud shapes form together to create an open box concept. (cloud, app, 3d, concept, sky, sync, business, internet, download, blue, downloading, …