Geometrical pattern of different shapes are used to create this abstract boomerang logo design. (boomerang, boomerange, primitive, Australian, australia, tribal, travel, symbol, throwing, weapon, traditional, indigenous, equipment, design, toy, throw, …


Bow and Arrow

Sleek and modern design that features two crossing bow and arrows that create a unique luxurious emblem/chest. (arrow, bow, indian, hunt, archer, shoot, war, aiming, sagittarius, aim, longbow, brave, primitive, …


White Knight

Sleek and modern armoured knight holding a shield and riding an armoured horse. The design is clean and contemporary with clean lines and gold and grey color accents to add …


Triumph Empire Swords

Unique design that incorporates stylized interlocking swords that create the impression of a ship’s wheel steer or a compass or sun design. (sword, compass, boat, ship, pirate, emblem, crest, knife, …

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Arrowhead Contractors

Bold and distinctive tiger face. The tiger is designed with a arrowhead in the tiger’s mouth. (face, head, animal, wildcat, Siberian, mammal, male, feline, striped, strength, cat, elegance, wild, nature, …

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