Beauty Mark

This logo combines a map maker and beauty women together to create this unique and creative logo design. (sexy, hair, women, lady, woman, natural, figure, face, person, female, salon, hair …


Canada Cannabis

Bold, modern and unique Canadian threaded medical cannabis logo design. The logo design uniquely combines a Canadian maple leaf with a cannabis leaf pant to create this compact and distinctive …


Moola Payments

Modern and bold cow character mascot logo design with a dollar sign placed behind one of the cow’s eyes to represent money or moola. The dollar sign can also be …


Urbanite Maps

Bold and clean logo displaying the arial view of city streets with different sections representing land plots. The white dividing lines represent the roads and streets. This logo is designed …


Curative Care

Elegant and unique medical cross inspired logo design. The impression of the medical cross image is created with elegant lopping sections that flow together to create the four sides of …

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Wise Maps

Owl logo design with the body of the owl designed to look like a arial street view map with location pointer markers positioned on various locations on the map. (owl, …

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Fox Line

Jumping fox logo created with sleek lines that create a unique pattern within the fox. The lines are used define the fox’s face, tail and body, which create this unique …


Abstract Letter Y

Bold, modern and abstract logo design created to look like the letter y. Simple flowing and curved shapes flow over top of each other to create a see through transparent …


Mind Path

Modern design of a side profile face. A curving pathway or river divides the head into several different sections. (face, side, head, girl, boy, human, male, contour, shape, profile, model, …

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