Love Hex Color

Modern, bold and colourful abstract heart logo design. The design features a bold geometric shaped heart communication speech box designed with different colored pixel boxes. In the center of the …


Nerd Juice Bar

Fun, colorful and energetic nerd character face logo design. The Word “Nerd” is presented in a fun freehand style script font, which is used to create the nerd character’s hairdo. …


Fox Line

Jumping fox logo created with sleek lines that create a unique pattern within the fox. The lines are used define the fox’s face, tail and body, which create this unique …



Flowing shapes are used to create the letter “A”. (letter, speed, power, concept, alphabet, clean, element, logotype, swoosh, point) Created: 02/21/2012


Color Drop Creative

Modern, bright and bold letter based logo design in the shape of the letter C. The letter is created with overlapping colourful paint drops that form the impression of the …