Beautiful illustrative logo design of a Geisha. The styling and colors used create a soft and elegant look. (geisha, girl, hair, japan, decoration, sakura, oriental, kimono,culture, hairdo, accessories, traditional, female, …

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Panda Baby

Minimal lines and shapes create this cute distinctive baby panda. Set your business, product, store or company apart with this modern design. (panda, bear, cute, bamboo, baby, oriental, tropical, mammal, …

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Geisha Girl

Beautiful illustrative logo design of a Geisha with a fanning umbrella behind her. The styling and colors used create a soft and elegant look. (geisha, woman, kyoto-shi, kimono, clothes, kansai, …

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Rose and Bloom

Beautiful, modern and abstract logo design of flower in bloom. The styling and colors used create a soft and elegant look. (blossom, flower, pink, japan, spring, season, tranquil, simplicity, japanese, …

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Bodhi Mind

Stylized, abstract interpretation of a Buddha figure in a spiritual medication pose. (buddha, buddhism, zen, dream, art, india, wisdom, japan, shine, sculpture, oriental, pray, wise, enlightenment, statue, culture, symbol, head, …

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Bamboo Botanical Gardens

Rows of simple bamboo create a calm ripple in the water. (Asia, holistic, bamboo, plant, natural, tropical, paradise, spa, natural, leaves, green, garden, japan, plant, jungle, culture, shoots, trees, culture, …

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Yin Yang Fish

Clean, modern and beautiful design of two swimming fishes that are designed in a circle (nature, black, water, union, stylized, Beauty, fish, goldfish, cute, Swimming, unity, beautiful, illustration, exotic, asian, …

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Bonsai Tree Acupuncture

Beautiful artistic bonsai tree created in a rustic ink calligraphy style painting technique. (tree, bonsai, plant, zen, japan, abstract, growth, rough, tendril, spring, organic, new, life, leaf, symbol, distressed, black, …

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