Pink Boxing Club Boxing Gloves – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Modern & trendy boxing fitness logo featuring a pair of hanging pink boxing gloves with stars creating a circle crest style design. An elite and trendy fitness logo …

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Natures Touch

Beautiful, natural and intricately designed holistic style hand and tree logo design that features a beautiful stylized hand that represents the tree trunk and roots. Beautiful Natural leaves are growing …


Holism Healing Hands

Beautiful, natural and intricately designed holistic style logo design that features a beautiful stylized hand with natural leaves and stars incorporated into the design. The hand is reaching upwards to …


Brain Physics

Modern abstract brain themed logo design featuring the side profile view of a person’s head/face with overlapping heart shapes creating the impression of the person’s brain. The logo represents brain …

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Made With Love Bird

Modern Stylized Whimsical bird logo design. The formation of the bird imagery uniquely incorporates a artist hand shape to create this beautiful bird logo design. The style of this logo …


Neuro Brain Health Institute

Modern, abstract and whimsical brain themed logo design featuring an abstract brain image created with various different coloured hearts and an abstract heart shaped hand that are arranged to create …

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Proffer Foundation

Modern logo design of a simple abstract hand that’s created with colorful geometric bars that form the impression of an abstract hand. (hand, teamwork, abstract, united, business, community, concept, conceptual, …


Corriedale Sheep Farm

Unique vintage style sheep logo design. The design features the head portion of a sheep or lamb with the sheep’s wool whimsically rendered with swirling designs that frame around the …


Simply Loved

Soft and whimsical logo design of a hand that’s created with bright colorful overlapping ribbons. The ribbons extend downward to create the impression of tree roots with simple leaf shapes …

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