Island Lighthouse

Unique palm tree and lighthouse logo design that beautifully combines a stylized palm tree with a lighthouse design. The rays of the lighthouse are represented with the palm leaves and …


Soul Tree Therapy

Unique faces tree logo design featuring a beautiful tree design with the side profile of three people’s heads incorporated into the top of the tree canopy. Colourful leaves burst from …

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Shoal Lights

Whimsical seaside lighthouse logo design. The layers of the background and triangle shape are created with layers that represent the ocean waves in the foreground with the additional layers creating …

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Generation Tree

Twisted bent tree with the tree branches creating the impression of four people figures. Colourful leaves burst from the tree branches with the extending roots anchoring into the earth. (tree, …


Guidance Church

Stained glass church window with the stained glass artwork within the windowed depicting a pathway that leads directly to a large cross in the center of the window. (cross, jesus, …


Sky Tower

Modern design that abstractly creates colored sections to represent sky and land with a light house and clouds contained within the white space (night, beacon, beam, island, sunset, sea, searchlight, …


Intelligence Eye

Single line creates a pathway/maze designed to resemble a eye shape. (vision, success, human, innovation, solving, labyrinth, guide, visualize, technology, mind, brain, management, guidance, solve, strategy, maze, solutions, aspirations, direction, …


Guidance Compass Sun

Bold, modern & abstract design of a compass and sun combined together. The design is created with geometrical shapes with directional arrows contained within the white space. (compass, gold, star, …

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