Rose From The Dead

Artistic, grungy and edgy skull logo design, featuring a stylized skull head with two open wings and two deep red roses that frame the skull’s face. Subtle accents of color …


Safari Garden’s

Beautiful african scenery depicting a gentle giraffe in the foreground and an African oasis in the background, which features a ripping water stream, lush tree and leafy foliage create this …


Beautiful Skull

Unique vintage style logo design of a feminine, girly skull with beautiful natural and rustic flowers decorating the top of the skull’s head. The skull head is also wearing a …


Zen Energy

Intricate continuous pattern logo design that creates a dynamic shape/symbol with zen-like qualities. (pattern, indian, arabic, abstract, art, mandala, tribal, ornament, ethnic, ornamental, frame, decoration, floral, deco, crafts, sun, seamless, …


Paint My World

Abstract logo design that uses different splatters of paint in various colors, which create the impression/form of the world. This is a bight, and colorful logo that will attract! (earth, …

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Spectrum Butterfly

Beautiful, simple and bold logo design of an abstractly represented butterfly. The butterfly is created with overlapping colors and shapes to create a unique look. (abstract, color, colorful, wings, shape, …

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Madison Avenue

Beautiful flourish designs and embellishments create this elegance and modern monogram design. (flourishes, pattern, floral, design, swirl, element, scroll, deco, art, line, decor, spiral, decoration, shape, frame, symbol, graphic, fashion, …


Bodhi Mind

Stylized, abstract interpretation of a Buddha figure in a spiritual medication pose. (buddha, buddhism, zen, dream, art, india, wisdom, japan, shine, sculpture, oriental, pray, wise, enlightenment, statue, culture, symbol, head, …


Bonsai Tree Acupuncture

Beautiful artistic bonsai tree created in a rustic ink calligraphy style painting technique. (tree, bonsai, plant, zen, japan, abstract, growth, rough, tendril, spring, organic, new, life, leaf, symbol, distressed, black, …

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