Plenum Global

Modern and simplistic moon and globe logo. A modern crescent moon is designed within the globe stand. Simple stars flow around the crescent moon. (Globe, world, terrestrial, history, compass, base, …



Sleek and modern circular globe style logo design. The circular globe shape is created with four abstract stylized representations of an aviation plane aircraft. The outstretched wings of the planes …


Canadian Wheat Farms

Canadian themed logo design featuring a maple leaf that’s designed with growing wheat/farming field crops. The design is framed with a circular chest that represents a golden sunny sun. (canada, …


Shoal Lights

Whimsical seaside lighthouse logo design. The layers of the background and triangle shape are created with layers that represent the ocean waves in the foreground with the additional layers creating …

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Point of View Coaching

Directional compass person figure as the center focus. The arms and legs of the person create the compass points. The design represent direction and guidance. (human, concept, happiness, symbol, parent, …

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My World Globe

Fun, stylized and abstract design of a learning globe. The globe design is composed of various elements shapes including whale, star fish, seashell, spirals etc. to add insert and style …


Green Earth

Flourishing leave and vines create the impression of the green earth/world concept. (earth, globe, world. planet, wildlife, water, recycle, globe, world, map, global, travel, ball, modern, illustration, sphere, round, blue, …


Paint My World

Abstract logo design that uses different splatters of paint in various colors, which create the impression/form of the world. This is a bight, and colorful logo that will attract! (earth, …

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True North Compass

Clean, modern and elegant design of that combines a ship wheel and compass in one unified compact design. (compass north, south, adventure, nautical, travel, latitude, longitude, east, discovery, shape, cartography, …