Cosmos Beauty

Elegant, whimsical and sophisticated mythical fairy goddess holding the world in her hands. The design is a hand drawn illustration with the woman’s figure adorned with unique swirling tattoo elements …


Deify Angel

Phenix winged angel logo design, featuring a beautiful winged woman. The wings of this female woman goddess are designed to look like a feathery phenix bird style wings that drape …

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Statuesque Goddesses

Two elegant winged women figures, designed in a sophisticated and luxurious style. The two angel woman figures create a mirror image of each other with their arms in an upward …

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Winged Woman figure designed in a sophisticated and elegant style. The winged woman figure is designed in a 3D style with the woman and her wings wrapping around a silver …

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Sky Angel

Winged angel woman logo created with sleek lines. The logo depicts the back view of a beautiful angel with opened wings. Her wings transform, creating the impression of a church …


Prism Beauty

Winged Woman figure designed within a prism triangular shape in a sophisticated and elegant style. A flowing ribbon curves around the woman’s body. The entire design commands attention with this …


Divine Angel

Winged Woman figure designed in a sophisticated and elegant style. The woman’s figure is adorned with unique and distinctive angel wings, which is the highlight of this logo design. The …

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Glam Crown Makeup

This is a beautiful, modern and sophisticated design of a stylized crown. The crown is created with abstract stokes by a mascara stick or makeup applicator. (brush, artist, eyeshadow, people, …